These guys Jordie and Dec from BU Coaching are amazing. From personal trainer to coach, Declan started BU Coaching when he wasn’t seeing the results he expected from his clients whilst training.


Dec and Jordan are life and purpose coaches coming to the business with a core vision – to help as many as people as possible retrain themselves on the path to their own well defined success. A few minor technical glitches, bear with me, it’s worth it.


What core things can you do to change or shift your mindset at any time in 2018? In this episode packed with G.O.L.D we cover so many nuggets including:


One thing the guys wish they could do socially to  help improve people’s mindsets

What failure means

How you can change perception of yourself

Why achieving your goals is for everyone, not just the select few

Why we can be conditioned into thinking and believing we have to achieve what we think is the right thing, rather than what we ultimately want as the right thing

Why perfection doesn’t exist

How to continue growth and development

Lessons from Warren Buffett

Why nothing can substitute hard work and trying

Why failing more than success is part of the process

Why there’s nothing different between you me, JK Rowling, Branson, Buffett… why these people are no more amazing than you and I are

Why what ‘good’ looks like in YOUR world is way more important than what good looks like in someone ELSE’S world

Why getting what you thought was going to make you happy, can make you sad

Why investing in yourself first, and being selfish, is the most unselfish thing you can do for those that you love

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