The end of the year is typically one of the busiest times but also a time to reflect and set yourself up for the next year.

In this episode I’ve taken the episodes you have voted for – by amount of downloads and piecing together the top core takeaways you can bring into 2018 straight away.

But before we get to that, I really want to focus on you. What have you been up to in 2017? What are your dreams and goals for 2018? It’s a broad question I know and can be hard to break down espeically when we can have so many dreams.

I’m going to share a few of my reflections and projects with you to show you how I apply the same principles to my own life directly. Then we countdown the top 5 most popular episodes.

Links for the top 5 episodes can be found here:

002: 5 ways to eat healthy on a budget with Vladia Cobdrova, COO & Wellness Ambassador of AboutLife

I remember meeting Vladia a few months ago at a book launch event, and we bonded instantly about food and healthy ways of living. She really broke down for us what healthy food really means and why it doesn’t have to be so expensive.

006: Can you use Ayurvedic and Aromatherapy practices to help with skin conditions with Farida Irani

I had never really understood what ‘Ayurvedic’ meant in its detail before I spoke with Farida, what an amazing teacher she is. She really highglihted that medicine in general, is about treating the whole person as a human and not just one particular ‘part’ or ‘thing’.

She specifically spoke about oils and how it’s the concoctions of oils that can help make a difference.

001: 5 ways to be healthier starting today, with Dr Bryce Fleming

Bryce has an amazing practice – seriously it looks like a startutp hub rather than a typical practitioner’s office in North Sydney. As author of 4 weeks to wellness he walked us through the paleo way and how nutrition and exercise transformed his life, motivating him to study chiropractic and help many others.

012 Can sitting in salt help with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis?

Wow wow and WOW! Bringing salt back baby. Now we might identiyf salt wiht high cholesterol but Founder of Salts of t E David Lindsay saw how it transformed his father’s helath from morning vomitting rituaal to just a few coughs.

Salt therapy …

008 Finding purpose and living a good life with Dr Ben Carvosso

We absolutely love the big guy Dr Ben. Ben just recently completed several marathons with his son, winning several of them whilst he’s at it. What a champion!!

Dr Ben got really very personal with us, talking us through how we went from fully fledged medical student to thriving practitioner, to a state of depression. He walked us through how he catapulted out of this funk and plonked himself on the ladder of success once again.


I’d also like to just thank you, yes you listening, for your support and encouragement. Without you listening this show wouldn’t be possible and it’s why we’re able to get such high qualtyi and insightful guests onto the show.

I hope you’ve loved the episodes this year, and if you rate them, well then rate them! Head on over to iTunes and hith the 5 stars if you could, I would really really appreciate it.

Lots of takeaways for you to start actioning today, have a good one and cheers to a happy and healthy new year!

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