In this episode we delve into the detail when it comes to skin, nutrition and overall health with Dr Naras Lapsys. Dr Naras is an  Accredited Practising Dietitian and after finishing 2 university degrees and a PhD in Medicine, Dr Naras Lapsys began his career as a scientist in a leading medical institute, searching for the genes of obesity and diabetes. After nearly 10 years of research he came to the conclusion that the ‘quick fix’ pill was still a long way off and that nutrition and lifestyle would always hold the key to better health. With that in mind he went back to university, completed a Masters degree in Nutrition and became an Accredited Practising Dietitian. By combining all his years of knowledge and a genuine passion for good health, Dr Naras Lapsys founded The Body Doctor.

Naras is a consultant dietitian to various sporting groups, has helped to create many corporate health programs and has established the first Body Doctor practice for one-on-one consultations in Sydney’s Bondi Junction.

He is a member of the Dietitians Association of Australia, DAA and Sports Dietitians Australia, SDA. Naras also plays a role in the External Advisory Committee for the Wollongong University Dietetic Program and the Obesity Management GP Education Advisory Group for iNova Pharmaceuticals. Naras is also on the Expert Advisory Panel for childhood nutrition, with the trusted parenting resource, Babycenter. Naras has addressed national and international audiences, has been published in leading medical and scientific journals and is frequently quoted in the media.

In this episode we get to the answers of several questions including:

  • How does diet impact skin
  • What is the difference between diet and nutrition
  • Why does diet have such a profound impact on our health and state of wellbeing?
  • What can we learn about diet and eating habits from sports peak performers?
  • Does diet have anything to do with food – or is it all just about mastering habits?
  • What else do we have to factor into our lives other than diet itself?
  • What does hormone imbalance mean and why does it impact skin?
  • What are anti-inflammatory and pro-infammatory foods, and what do they do to our bodies?

As always, enjoy!

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