I am so so excited to be travelling overseas for the next couple of weeks. But how could I prepare my body and skin for a long trip outside of my normal routine? I was particularly concerned knowing that I’m going to be spending at least 24 hours on a plane to get over to Europe and back from Sydney, so very conscious my skin will be exposed to loaded air conditioning and wondering what I could do to combat it…… Here are a few of my hints and tips!!

1. The day before travelling

To make sure my skin received the ultimate boost, I made sure I had my clinic treatment a day before travelling. So important to make sure your skin gets a boost just before travelling!

2. The day of travel

24 hours is a long time to sit! I booked in my personal training session before my flight to get my body moving (of course going for a walk, the gym or even a 10 minute stretch) can help prepare you for a long haul.

3. During travelling

Ok so I have prepared a small beauty clinic of my own to bring!!

  • Vitamin E
  • Essential Fatty Acid Tablets
  • Herbal Mist to spray at least once an hour
  • Try to find a hydrating mask or creme safe enough to leave on for the duration of your flight

4. After

  • Researching available water outlets at airports to load up after the flight
  • Cacao nibs for a magnesium boost
  • Protein powder in a shake
  • Your own moisturising facial – you will need to put loads of water back into your skin because on a plane you will be experiencing TEWL (trans-epidermal-water-loss) so a hydrating facial (or mask) will be what you need

5. Preparation

Like all things, preparation and prevention is better than a cure right? Unless you’re travelling first class, chances are you aren’t able to

  • Researching available water outlets at airports before going through (going to need to smash bottles with it)
  • Bringing your own food and snacks, I’ve hit  up protein balls and bringing a full lunch box of seeds, nuts, dates and cacao nibs