5 steps to clear skin

You think you're on the path to clear skin but..

...you keep running into the same road blocks:

  1. You’re still scared of looking in the mirror
    • It’s getting harder and harder to keep looking in the mirror every day and every time you do, you feel ashamed, embarrassed and that you don’t own enough makeup to cover up the acne.
  2. You avoid social and professional opportunities
    • You’ve resorted to declining social and professional invitations because it feels so embarrassing to go out unless you can hide the acne and scars.
    • Every time you’re out (especially with your clear skinned girlfriends) you feel like you’re the ugly duckling
    • Whether you’re on the train, at work, out with friends, it’s hard not to feel like everyone is staring at you. No one of course will say anything, but you know what they’re thinking ‘why doesn’t she do something about her acne?’
    • Some friends (or even strangers) may solicit advice on how you can clear their skin, making you feel even worse about how visible it really is, especially when you thought it was just starting to clear up
    • When you’re out on a date, it’s hard to feel sexy, appreciated and confident. You might even use your hair to cover the acne.
    • You feel safest and most at ease, when you’re home alone without anyone looking at you, and you don’t have to look in a mirror.
    • You may be missing out on professional opportunities, career shifting meetings and networking because you feel continuously embarrassed, ashamed and unworthy of the opportunities because you don’t ‘look’ the part.
  1. Sick of trying all the advice and products but nothing works
    • You’re seeking out expert help and advice at the cost of an arm and a leg but it doesn’t seem to be getting you any closer: $300 appointments for a 10 minute discussion and a prescription are starting to get really frustrating and no further to helping you clear your skin in a way that will deliver long term results.
    • You’re ready to learn about what you can do to transform your skin without a prescription and looking to find alternative treatments but finding it hard to access the advice that is best for your circumstances.
    • You’re finding treatments are targeting the aesthetic symptom, not the actual cause of the acne
    • You’ve tried everything but your skin doesn’t seem to be improving, and you aren’t sure what you’re supposed to do next to cure your acne.
    • You’ve read all the books and blogs and listened to podcasts but can’t find
    • You know that using the right product is only one component required for clear skin, and you’re not sure if you’re using the right product

All you want to be able to do, is look in the mirror and not feel like crying.

The Better Skin Better Life 5 step Protocol helps you to look in the mirror, without feeling like you’re about to cry.

Through Australia’s first, non-invasive acne accelerator program, we have developed an industry first, 5 step methodology to pave the pathway to looking in the mirror, with a reflection you can be proud of staring back at you.

To deliver each module, we have partnered with industry experts to bring you the most up to date practical information, tools and implementation strategies to help you access the best skin ever.

So what are the 5 steps?

5 Steps To Clear Skin In 90 Days

  • What 5 core lifestyle areas do you need to be on top of to lead yourself to clearer skin?
  • How to make small changes that deliver transformational impacts when it comes to skin
  • What 5 things can you do immediately to propel you on the journey to clear skin?
  • What are the processes, guides and working sheets to help deliver and implement the 5 core steps into your life starting immediately?

Find out by accessing your copy of the eBook 5 Steps To Clear Skin In 90 Days by clicking here.


Acne shows itself as a symptom and treating the aesthetic component may only keep the acne at bay for so long. In this module we discover what is the direct cause of the acne, so we can treat the cause rather than the symptom for long term effectiveness. We cover:

  1. Identifying the cause of your acne:
  • Polycystic Ovaries (PCOS)
  • Cessation or changing birth control contraceptives (the pill)
  • Significant life event (accident, family situation)
  • Upcoming lifestyle milestone (wedding)
  • Current medications
  1. Lifestyle Audit

What are the lifestyle factors that are impacting your condition?

  • Financial
  • Relationship
  • Environmental
  • Work
  1. Silver Bullet Mindset (SBM)
  • Previous ‘quick fix solutions’
  • How to heal in the long term
  1. Daily weigh in
  • Pre-work daily dairy
  • Progress reporting



How does nutrition impact your acne, and what are practical, affordable and manageable ways to eat your way to healthy skin? In this module we cover:

  1. Nutrition box
  • What you should eat more of for your skin
  • What you should eat less of for your skin
  • Daily action change plan: How you can eliminate, obliterate & dominate your nutrition (it’s not about giving everything up, it’s just changing what you enjoy)
  1. Supplement
  • Supplements aren't just for athletes
  • What 5 supplements to start incorporating for skin health

3. Gut health

  • What has the gut got to do with skin?
  • What can you do to boost your gut health?


No sweat? No clear skin.

In this module, you will practice Skin Exercise Therapy (SET) to learn, and do, the exercises that are best for skin health. We also uncover why recovery is so important at the end of each day, and how to implement a healthy sleep pattern.

  1. SET: Skin exercises therapy
  • Understanding sweat
  • Skin exercise academy session
  1. SS: Sleep schedule
  • How stress lives in your skin, and why sleep can support skin health
  • Healthy Sleep Schedule implementation plan


Module aim: Stress lives in our skin. Our stress hormones convert to dihydrotestosterone (known as DHT) in our skin, causing our skin to create more oil and exacerbate the acne. So what are the areas that can have this impact on our skin, and how can we manage it?

  1. FREME Framework
    • Finances
    • Relationship
    • Environment
    • Mindfulness & Meditation
    • Energy
    • Self development
  1. Stress management
  • How to identify stress
  • Techniques to manage stress


Chances are, if you’ve been battling acne your cupboards may look like one of the beauty counters at David Jones, the only problem is, you don’t even know which product is right for you. So what ingredients and products are going to be right for you and your skin?

  1. Product matrix
  • What ingredients to use and avoid
  • What products are right for what type of skin and why
  1. Enzyme therapy
  • What is it and how can it blast P.Acne bacteria

Before and after shots

Here's a little preview of my journey so far...a few of my shots!

Before and After

About Rebecca

I’m so so happy to have you here, and so excited to be part of YOUR skin transformation! I want to introduce myself so we get to know each other a little better.

As a corporate marketeer for 12 years and seemingly allergic to the gym, this journey about health and well-ness naturally has been quite insightful exploring the health and wellness industry. I never intended to turn my journey into a fully fledged venture where I’ve been able to reach over 100,000 people now helping uncover 5 steps to clear skin (which I absolutely love), not because I didn't want to help, but because it’s quite an embarrassing experience...but the volume of queries about what I was doing grew exponentially - and one of my mentors outlined that if I had a process that I designed (which I did) that other people could benefit from - then not sharing the secret sauce makes me a bit of a dick (and he was right).

So I set out to bring my knowledge in bitesize nuggets to make the lifestyle changes necessary for high quality skin and optimum health. So these are a few things I have been working on to help share the love with you and break down the science, research and data in an elegant way [designed for human consumption] to help improve the quality of your skin and ultimately your life.

  • Blog: I have been tracking my experience, insights and interviews with world leaders in this space on my site  http://www.betterskinbetter.life/
  • Interviewing industry leaders in skin, health and wellness on The Better Skin Better Life Podcast Show: You can find The Better Skin Better Life Show on iTunes and SoundCloud
  • Leave With Lipstick Online Program: This is a results based sequence of daily steps designed to help you leave the house, without a cake of makeup on, but confident enough just to leave the house, just wearing lipstick. It’s 8 weeks, 5 steps, and my clients don’t pay me unless they get the results they are after. That’s why it’s revolutionary as a results-based-skin solution. You can read about it here: https://rebeccamason.lpages.co/5-steps-to-clear-skin-8w-eoi/
  • eBook: I’ve condensed the 5 steps to my process into an eBook called ‘5 Steps to Clear Skin’ 😉
  • Speaking: I've been lucky enough (and nervous enough) to share the message with hundreds of people either behind a lecturn (not a fan) or freeballing it (pending question time) at events like The University of Sydney Graduation Commencement address, AUSFIC Panellist, Department of Education roundtable mentor and advisor
  • Press and media coverage: Channel 7, news.com.au, Daily Mail, Dynamic Business, SmartCompany,  NSW Business Chamber, Commonwealth Bank - Women In Focus Magazine, Australian Anthill 30 Under 30 Winner, 'Rejuvenating Skin, Rejuvenating Lives' Beautify publication

But now as an acne patient-expert coupled with my previous experience I’ve been featured or written for the below publications. If you’d like to see my skin experience in the Channel 7 piece that was picked up, no drama, click here. I’m not sharing this to be a tool, but to help outline why I’m so passionate about sharing my experience to help as many people walking in my shoes...even if it means being half naked on national telly (yes, there’s not much under that robe!).


7 mistakes you are making if you have acne

To find out the 7 mistakes you are making if you have acne, download your eBook here.