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I’m so so happy to have you here, and so excited to be part of YOUR skin transformation! I want to introduce myself so we get to know each other a little better.

As a corporate marketeer for 12 years and seemingly allergic to the gym, this journey about health and well-ness naturally has been quite insightful exploring the health and wellness industry. I never intended to turn my journey into a fully fledged venture where I’ve been able to reach over 100,000 people now helping uncover 5 steps to clear skin (which I absolutely love), not because I didn't want to help, but because it’s quite an embarrassing experience...but the volume of queries about what I was doing grew exponentially - and one of my mentors outlined that if I had a process that I designed (which I did) that other people could benefit from - then not sharing the secret sauce makes me a bit of a dick (and he was right).

So I set out to bring my knowledge in bitesize nuggets to make the lifestyle changes necessary for high quality skin and optimum health. So these are a few things I have been working on to help share the love with you and break down the science, research and data in an elegant way [designed for human consumption] to help improve the quality of your skin and ultimately your life.

  • Blog: I have been tracking my experience, insights and interviews with world leaders in this space on my site  http://www.betterskinbetter.life/
  • Interviewing industry leaders in skin, health and wellness on The Better Skin Better Life Podcast Show: You can find The Better Skin Better Life Show on iTunes and SoundCloud
  • Leave With Lipstick Online Program: This is a results based sequence of daily steps designed to help you leave the house, without a cake of makeup on, but confident enough just to leave the house, just wearing lipstick. It’s 8 weeks, 5 steps, and my clients don’t pay me unless they get the results they are after. That’s why it’s revolutionary as a results-based-skin solution. You can read about it here: https://rebeccamason.lpages.co/5-steps-to-clear-skin-8w-eoi/
  • eBook: I’ve condensed the 5 steps to my process into an eBook called ‘5 Steps to Clear Skin’
  • Speaking: I've been lucky enough (and nervous enough) to share the message with hundreds of people either behind a lecturn (not a fan) or freeballing it (pending question time) at events like The University of Sydney Graduation Commencement address, AUSFIC Panellist, Department of Education roundtable mentor and advisor
  • Press and media coverage: Channel 7, news.com.au, Daily Mail, Dynamic Business, SmartCompany,  NSW Business Chamber, Commonwealth Bank - Women In Focus Magazine, Australian Anthill 30 Under 30 Winner, 'Rejuvenating Skin, Rejuvenating Lives' Beautify publication

But now as an acne patient-expert coupled with my previous experience I’ve been featured or written for the below publications. If you’d like to see my skin experience in the Channel 7 piece that was picked up, no drama, click here. I’m not sharing this to be a tool, but to help outline why I’m so passionate about sharing my experience to help as many people walking in my shoes...even if it means being half naked on national telly (yes, there’s not much under that robe!).

Some additional publications I have contributed to include:

Before and After

Before, during and after photo's of Rebecca's skin.

7 mistakes you are making if you have acne

To find out the 7 mistakes you are making if you have acne, download your eBook here.