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About Rebecca Mason, Owner of Better Skin Better Life

Rebecca battled acne for 16 years relying on the pill as the only cure to help manage Polycystic Ovaries (PCOS). She built an overreliance on the pill and wasn't able to come off it. When she did make that choice to come off the pill, her acne was worse in that 6 months following that decision than the 16 years combined, and she was on a mission to find a cure and a long term solution that didn't rely on drugs all over again.

She has embarked on a mission to convince industry experts, and invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to deliver a proven process, implementation plan and formula to those suffering from acne. She empowers hundreds of women every day to own their acne, transform their skin and lead a better quality life.

She was the first labrat of this program, and has developed and improved it significantly since inception.

Prior to developing The Better Skin Better Life 5 step Protocol, Rebecca had a 12 year international marketing career, working for blue chip corporates managing budgets of $5M+ in both Sydney and London. She walked away from her lucrative career to help others overcome the acne epidemic like she did. In her previous career, Rebecca has been featured extensively in main media, including the following publications:

Before and After

Before, during and after photo's of Rebecca's skin.

7 mistakes you are making if you have acne

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