Is the paleo way better for our health and can healthy fats have a positive impact on our skin? Today we’re talking with one of Australia’s most inspirational health speakers, Dr Bryce Fleming, author of 4 Weeks to Wellness, Owner and Chiropractor (B.Chiro SC M.Chiro (Chiropractor) at Alignment Chiropractic & Health (Milsons Point, Sydney).

In this fireside chat, Dr Bryce walks us through so many health nuggets including:

  • Why the spine and the nervous system is the epicentre of all health
  • Why the body has all it needs to get to wellness
  • Why bad skin and acne is a sign of ill-health
  • Why there is a misconception about fats being bad for us
  • What food and environments we need to provide our bodies with to give us the best chances of health
  • Why we are our own health practitioners and the acute care model has a place, but not as option A
  • The 5 things you can do right now, to get yourself to optimum health and wellness

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