What’s happening in our gut, shows on our face. Research has shown the correlation between our gut health, and skin health. But what are some of the ways we can access gut-friendly, organic foods when we’re strapped for time and cash?

In this episode, I speak with the amazing Vladia Cobdrova, Chief Operating Officer & Wellness Ambassador of AboutLife (not to mention accredited nutritionist) who has grown AboutLife wholefoods stores from one juice bar in Sydney’s inner west where she started as a juice-bar girl, to 8 stores across Sydney and Melbourne. AboutLife is like a Woolworths, but just for organic, wholefoods – throw in a café and ready-to-eat-meal-bar too, and it’s what I call food heaven! If you’ve heard of a store called Wholefoods which started in the US, AboutLife is our Australian equivalent.  

She has recently launched her book ‘A Whole New Way to Eat’ which she has shared one of her recipes with us!

In this phenomenal episode we cover:

-5 top health hacks to boost your gut health that are cheap and quick to make, not to mention delicious

-How to train your tastebuds to crave healthy food

-Mythbusting: you don’t need to be rich to afford organic food

-The gut-skin connection and why the gut health is important form for our happiness

-How you can become your own wellness expert starting immediately

-Why organic food supply is becoming cheaper than the mainstream stores and why we should be voting with our wallets

-What’s a delicious gut healthy dessert – good for the gut, and a sweet treat!!

-How we can amplify our desire for health but incrementally training our tastebuds to crave nourishing foods instead of naughty 3pm sugar hits

-What fermented food staples we can incorporate into our fridges

-Why we should take diet advice from our grandparents

-How you can have your sweets, and eat them too – AND good for the gut!!

-The top 5 things Vladia has in her fridge

-Nature tells us what to eat: why to take our culinary cues from mother nature and eat seasonal fruit and veg

You can connect with Vladia on her social pipes:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vladiacobrdova/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vladiacobrdova/

You can purchase A Whole New Way to Eat here: https://www.murdochbooks.com.au/browse/books/healthy-cooking/A-Whole-New-Way-to-Eat-Vladia-Cobrdova-9781743368978

AboutLife: http://www.aboutlife.com.au/