Sick of being ashamed of the image that stares back at you?

The Better Skin Better Life 5 step Protocol helps female professionals suffering from acne look in the mirror at an image that doesn’t make them cry.

You think you’re on the path to clear skin but you keep running into the same road blocks:

  1. You’re still scared of looking in the mirror

    1. It’s getting harder and harder to keep looking in the mirror every day and every time you do, you feel ashamed, embarrassed and that you don’t own enough makeup to cover up the acne.
    2. Staring in the mirror is just a reminder of how bad your skin is and makes you feel ugly on the inside and out
  2. You avoid social and professional opportunities

    1. You’ve resorted to declining social and professional invitations because it feels so embarrassing to go out unless you can hide the acne and scars.
    2. Every time you’re out (especially with your clear skinned girlfriends) you feel like you’re the ugly duckling
    3. Whether you’re on the train, at work, out with friends, it’s hard not to feel like everyone is staring at you. No one of course will say anything, but you know what they’re thinking ‘why doesn’t she do something about her acne?’
    4. Some friends (or even strangers) may solicit advice on how you can clear their skin, making you feel even worse about how visible it really is, especially when you thought it was just starting to clear up
    5. When you’re out on a date, it’s hard to feel sexy, appreciated and confident. You might even use your hair to cover the acne.
    6. You feel safest and most at ease, when you’re home alone without anyone looking at you, and you don’t have to look in a mirror.
    7. You may be missing out on professional opportunities, career shifting meetings and networking because you feel continuously embarrassed, ashamed and unworthy of the opportunities because you don’t ‘look’ the part.
  1. Sick of trying all the advice and products but nothing works

    1. You’re seeking out expert help and advice at the cost of an arm and a leg but it doesn’t seem to be getting you any closer: $300 appointments for a 10 minute discussion and a prescription are starting to get really frustrating and no further to helping you clear your skin in a way that will deliver long term results.
    2. You’re ready to learn about what you can do to transform your skin without a prescription and looking to find alternative treatments but finding it hard to access the advice that is best for your circumstances.
    3. You’re finding treatments are targeting the aesthetic symptom, not the actual cause of the acne
    4. You’ve tried everything but your skin doesn’t seem to be improving, and you aren’t sure what you’re supposed to do next to cure your acne.
    5. You’ve read all the books and blogs and listened to podcasts but can’t find
    6. You know that using the right product is only one component required for clear skin, and you’re not sure if you’re using the right product

All you want to be able to do, is look in the mirror and not cry. Feel like there’s no need or reason to cry when you look in the mirror.

And there are 5 steps to help you get there.

So what are the 5 steps, and what can you do to in the next 5 minutes to action these steps? Read more here>