This one therapy has been around since the 1800’s, but we’ve only had it in Australia for the past 7 years, and it’s growing rapidly because of this one man – David Lindsay. It’s called salt therapy.

Team we had a few connectivity problems so the audio isn’t as high quality, but stick with it because this is an incredible episode with a real pioneer who has brought Eastern European salt cave therapy to Australia.

From stonemason to salt caver, Irishman David Lindsay who Founded Salts of the Earth, saw the benefits of salt therapy when he saw his Dad go from vomitting every morning as a daily ritual due to chronic asthma attacks to coughing up just a little phlem in as little as 2 weeks. David saw how the salt therapy impacted the quality of his Dad’s life in a home visit back to Ireland, and created a whole new way of looking at how we can use complementary therapies like salt caves to help alleviate symptoms we experience in respiratory conditions like asthma and skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

In as little as 7 years, David has seen 63,000 clients walk through his doors at Salts of the Earth.

In this powerhouse episode you will learn:

– What on earth is salt therapy

– How can salt therapy help with skin conditions like eczema and asthma?

– How does salt impact the body as an anti-inflammatory?

– How does salt therapy actually work? I mean what does the salt ‘do’ in the body that makes it such a powerful therapy?

– Why David has seen people avoid going to hospital because they incorporated salt therapy into their health regime

– What going to a salt cave feels like

– Examples of people who went through salt therapy and came out the other side with kickass results

– How David manages health with his family and incorporates salt therapy into life

– What kind of results you can expect from salt therapy, and by when

– What you will feel the first night you try salt therapy

– Where did salt therapy originate

– How can it help eliminate toxins from the body

– What steps you need to talk to see if salt therapy is for you



A really insightful look into health innovation team, I hope you love speaking with him as much as I did :).

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==>I mention the book for business owners and lovers out there called Blue Ocean Strategy. David has successfully built a whole new Blue Ocean in Australia’s health industry which is an incredible feat!

==>To see before and after pictures that David was talking please see the below:

Testimonial Eczema Charlie

Testimonial Eczema Nicole



A bit about David and Katherine:

In June 2010, Katharine and David Lindsay introduced salt therapy to Australia after seeing the incredible health benefits it has had on their family in Ireland.


Salt therapy is a natural and non-invasive therapy that helps relieve congestion, inflammation and allergies of the airways and skin. People suffering from respiratory and skin conditions, such as asthma and eczema, experience symptom relief, which ultimately improves their quality of life.


Salts of the Earth began franchising in 2011 after Katharine and David successfully opened and operated two of their own centres. In less than five years the company has grown to 20 centres across Australia.


Along with the effectiveness of the therapy, it is Salts of the Earth’s clients and the company’s active involvement in its local communities that is the heart of the business and responsible for its rapid expansion.


Salts of the Earth’s strong community values has also seen many clients become franchisees so they can bring the therapy and its incredible health benefits to their local community.


Salts of the Earth is continuing to grow so it can carry on helping more Australians find symptom relief, so they can live, sleep and breathe better.