When I ask my clients what was happening in their lives when acne and skin conditions started to appear, I often hear that life ‘wasn’t that stressful’.

Upon exploration, in most cases it turns out that life was incredibly incredibly stressful whether it was a situation where a death had occurred, relationship breakdowns, job changes, financial pressures and work pressures can compound to create a very stressful situation. In my experience with my own acne, it proliferated exponentially as I was managing a team of 10 on a very lean business budget, going to bed worrying about what I didn’t get done that day, on a financial shoestring and in the midst of a relationship breakdown.

Since then, I’ve been studying and researching ways to manage and reduce stress levels. In this masterclass you will learn:

-What stress really is
-Why cortisol is good
-Why stress is good
-How stress impacts skin
-How stress shows itself on our skin
-What happens when stress hormones hit our skin
-Can we manage stress?
-How do we identify stress?
-What 8 steps can you take to identify stress
-How can you identify the one core thing in your life causing you the most stress
-Ways to identify the resources you need to help reduce your stress levels
-Immediately change your stress levels by changing 3 things in your life starting today

To help you with your stress levels, I have put together a little ‘Stress Reduction Process’ – a SRP pdf for you which you can access here as a pdf downloadable ==> https://drive.google.com/file/d/11yc05hdPNFDQ_qrhlnwtC3fP6lKdOA5R/view?usp=sharing

Coming up I’m going to be releasing a book called 5 steps to clear skin. If you’d like a copy, click here to download it.


Lots of love,
Rebecca x