Salubre Health Solutions was founded by Dr Irene Prantalos in 2003 and her passion in Chinese Medicine all started when she was endlessly trying to find a way to heal her psoriasis. After 8 years of trying everything that came her way she tried Chinese Medicine. The choice was made from being desperate as a recent hospital stay managed to only aggravate her condition. Two months after taking herbs her skin was normal. At that point she decided to find out more about Chinese Medicine and how she can help herself stay healthy without relying on others. This Lead to her completely a double degree in Human Biology and Chinese Medicine at RMIT University.

In this jam packed episode, we cover all things about psoriasis including:

-We chat all things skin conditions – like why it’s almost impossible to even go to the grocery store when we have visible skin conditions
-What it means to become your own wellness expert through your own health experiences
-You don’t need a PHD to understand your own body
-Why assembling the right health team around you is a step in the right direction to optimum health – you should be treating your healthcare practitioners the same way you recruit staff – they should meet your standards and expectations
-From patient to practitioner – why people who have experienced the same conditions could be better sources of information than others who have never been through the experience
-What is psoriasis? How is it even an auto-immune condition? Why does it impact the skin so severely?
-Why does our immune system react to inflammation causing excess skin shedding (psoriasis)?
-Can stress trigger psoriasis? How?
-What foods can trigger psoriasis reactions?
-What do hormones have to do with psoriasis and skin conditions?
-Why should you keep a journal of what your skin is doing?
-How can you incrementally rejig your diet without overhauling a whole eating regime?
-Why and how do auto-immune diseases start in the body and show themselves on our exterior organs like the skin?
-How do we protect ourselves with our skin?
-What conditions in the environment were present when your skin condition flared up?
-How can you change your mindset to controlling your skin conditions?
-Can you take your power back when it comes to your health?
-Why it’s OK to have a bar of chocolate here and there and actually enjoy it, and not throw the baby out with the bathwater
-What do negative emotions in relationships, at work and at home have to do with your health? And how can you start to control them?
-What is the law of attraction and why is it so important to surround yourself with people that lift you up, especially if you’re experiencing a struggling health condition
-How to avoid energy ‘zappers’ you might be surrounded with

I start of by asking, what is her background and how did she get started?….

As always, thanks team for listening!

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