Various studies have shown a positive correlation with acne and symptoms of anxiety and depression. I call those the ‘dog day’ moments. As much as you can outsource healthcare, it’s the moments when we look in the mirror feeling sorry for ourselves and no one is there to pull us out of our funk, it’s the power in controlling our own thoughts in those moments of doubt and depression that we have to dig deeper than ever before to pull ourselves back up again after feeling like we’ve been kicked down.

If there’s a man who knows what it’s like to have an illness lead to despair, it’s Dr Ben. From medical professional and business owner at 23, to life coach making massive transformations in people’s lives, we can learn a lot from what Dr Ben has learnt, and taught.

We talk all things health, wealth and well-being, but more pertinently, Dr Ben walks us through his very personal journey of change and experiencing depression and how he came out of it. How do you find life’s purpose…or does it find you? In this episode we cover so many things, but the main questions we answer include:

How to start your first business at 23
Going against the trend
Why the ‘food pyramid’ is a tad flawed
What are the only countries that even use the food pyramid these days?
Where did low fat food even come from? And where did carbohydrates even come from?
Why we have a sickcare system, not a healthcare system.
Why should you use fat for fuel instead of carbs?
Are you going through life in an electric powered car or a diesel powered car?
Why do healthy fats help our skin?
Can essential fatty acids turbocharge the quality of your skin?
What are effective ways of managing health?
When you face illness, what are the first steps you should take?
How to overcome life changing obstacles.
What happens when your expectations or ‘part of your life plan’ doesn’t pan out the way you want, especially when these thoughts turn into depressive thoughts.
Do ‘defining moments’ happen in lightbulb moments?
What one thing shifted Ben from depression to motivated again.
Do we ‘choose’ depression?
How to get ‘unstuck’ from some of life’s crappier problems….jobs, relationships, money…
Does the world happen TO you, or does everything happen BECAUSE OF you?
Are you living in a ‘trapped’ or a ‘tepid’ life or a ‘turned on’ life?
Who do you need to become to become unstuck?
Can you choose success or the life you want?
Why do our decisions rather than our conditions create our context?
What’s the goal to be acne free? Can we set ourselves up with the intention of being acne free and set up GOALS to help us get there? How?

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