We all have our own individual garbage truck scouring our bodies collecting waste and disposing of it. This process, is known as the lymphatic system. The skin, is our largest organs and one of the main ways we excrete waste from our bodies (like sweating) as part of the lymphatic system operation. But what happens, when our waste system backs up and we have a backfill of garbage? It can start to show on our faces.
In this episode, I speak with the only Skin Therapist who holds a PHD from The Netherlands, Dr Malou van Zanten. Dr Malou specialises in lymphology and in this jam packed episode we uncover:

How the lymphatic system impacts acne and your skin
What are the three stages of skin healing
Why you are your own doctor, and the importance of a high quality dermal therapist
5 things you can do right now, to improve your lymphatic system circulation
Why treating acne as a holistic process is a sustainable way to manage your skin
Enzyme therapy and what it is
Recipe for at home enzyme therapies

I mention on the show the enzyme treatments I have done with DMK. You can see my treatments and my profile shots here ==> www.betterskinbetter.life/why-enzyme-t…-clear-skin/
You can connect with Malou here ⇒ www.flinders.edu.au/people/malou.vanzanten

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