Without the ability to walk until she was 4 years old, Farida Irani’s father introduced her to Ayurvedic and Aromatherapy at a young age, healing her inability to walk naturally with the use of ocean ‘earthing’ practices.

Since then, Farida has dedicated her life to helping others achieve their healthiest highest self through natural medicines. So what IS Ayurvedic and Aromatherapy practice and how can it be applied to help you with your skin?

I understand this area can be defined as a bit ‘woo woo’ but just hear how this ancient practice has helped thousands overcome health barriers.

I met the lovely Farida at a conference called Happiness and its Causes, and I’m really happy to be bringing her insights and practices to you which you can start applying today.

In this killer episode, you will learn:
– Which body part should you be applying your Ayurvedic medicines for maximum potency?
– How we can use the earth’s elements (like ocean water) to help gear our bodies in alignment with our circadian rhythm
– Why you need to spend time outside each day to ensure your hormones are aligned
– What core essential oils can help, not hinder your skin
– Stress has a direct relationship to showing up on our skin. So what Ayurvedic and Aromatherapy practices can help you overcome and manage stress?
– An understanding of what the core ‘elements’ are and how they directly correlate to our bodies and health
– Why we might be experiencing mental toxicity in due to everyday disturbances
– Why Ayu means ‘Life’ and ‘Verda’ means knowledge and where this practice originally came from
– When is the best time to apply Ayurvedic oil concoctions
– What oils are good for skin conditions
– How marrying the sun with the application of your oils can help to have a turbocharge effect on your life
– Why Ayurvedics can help with Adrenal Fatigue and Stress particularly when it comes to the workplace
– What lifestyle practices you need to integrate to make sure you maximise Ayurvedic medicine to its full potential
– How to stay hydrated
– Why alkaline foods can change your life
– Why meditation or yoga exercises lead you to holistic health
– What results can be expected when you apply Ayurveda to your life? Will you have a clearer mind?
– What is ‘aromatic dressing?’ and will it help your body to relax?
– Why you need to massage your naval (hmm, maybe Ayurveda can be therapeutic in more way than one?!)
– Does this line of medical therapy help with hormone imbalance, especially if it shows up as acne?
– Can Ayurveda, aromatherapy and herbs help manage and overcome PCOS?

Farida has applied her Ayurvedic and Aromatherapy practices by creating her skincare range called Subtle Energies. You can connect with Farida Irani here:

==> Website subtleenergies.com.au/
==> Facebook www.facebook.com/subtleenergies.com.au/

Tune in on SoundCloud  https://goo.gl/YyVGSE] or iTunes [https://goo.gl/VQuMHS ].