Why does your skin flare up in angry and painful pimples (known as comedones)? One of the main culprits is called P.Bacteria.
You’re here, because you’re a go getter and want to learn what you can do, to battle the monster inside that is shows itself as acne. Good on you for taking the very brave step to get it under control, instead of letting it control you.
Or maybe you want to understand skin that little bit better to help your patients, clients or loved ones through their painful journey. If this is you, I sincerely thank you on behalf of all acne sufferers.
Treating P.Bacteria (and acne) with overnight and short term solutions can be a bit like taking heroine to cure a headache – it’s a short term fix, with long term adverse health effects that leave you worse off than when you began. It may help you in the short term absolutely, but at the cost and expense of your other body organs not to mention going through the process all over again (with a substantial hit to your back pocked) if you have to relive it.
One of the best investments you can ever make in taking steps to controlling your acne, is being able to understand it so you can take steps towards treating the problem, instead of what may seem like endless attempts at treating recurring symptoms.
After finally working out a formula that led me to clear, healthy and happy skin, I ended my 16 year battle with acne naturally without destroying my insides. Not only am I proud to have had acne because it gave me the opportunity to learn about my body, but I’m even more excited to share my learnings with you so you can take back control of your skin and your life using the information and processes that work.
In this MASTERCLASS you will learn:
What is P.Bacteria?
How does it grow in the first place?
Do people without acne have P.Bacteria?
How does it create and stimulate acne?
What does inflammation have to do with acne?
What vitamins can help combat P.Bacteria?
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I also made reference to my post on Enzyme Therapy which you can find here = => www.betterskinbetter.life/why-enzyme-t…-clear-skin/

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